Traveling ultralight

Wed Apr 18 11:10:36 PDT 2001

Greetings fellow hikers!  I am posting my as yet not finalized list because
my comments generated a great deal of interest.  I hiked the Appalachian
Traill ultralight because I have a neck injury and can't bear weight  on my
neck/shoulders  -all weight on the hips.  Total weight about 7 lbs plus
guides, water(1 liter=2lbs).  I did a great deal of research and planning and
this is the result.

Dana Design "Speed" pack  1lb 12 oz plus 4 ounces for hydroseal O.R bag(this
is not a traditional pack-it is a suspension system, well-padded and
supported into which you place waterproof hydroseal bags-has a waterbottle
holder andzippered map pocket on the front of your body and a pocket in the
back-unusual  but I loved it) If you go ultralight and don't have any neck
problem, there is a 13oz GoLite pack with no waistbelt -they have a website
of light equipment-.  My system is waterproof, no pack cover needed.
Silk sleepsacks 4.5ounces (not bringing a bag-taking a chance on blankets,
hotels, and if necessary I'll wear all my clothes to sleep in) This is per
advice of 2 people who did it last year.  The best light bag I found is
Western Mountaineering Mighty Lite(1lb 10oz)  that I used on the AT.  Down is
Clothes:  bughat 0.5oz, fleece hat 1oz,bandana 1.5oz,glove liner 1 oz,
ExOfficio nylon pants 7 oz(wear a pair and keep one dry), Patagonia "R-2"
fleece jacket 12 oz,Patag capilene silkweight turtleneck 5 oz, capilene
T-shirt  3 oz, capilene long-sleev e crew  4.5oz, bra 1oz, underpants 1 oz,
Smartwool socks 3 oz(save for cold nights or wet feet), nylon socks 0.5oz-
and patag  hiking socks 2oz, silkweight tights 4oz(for sleeping in refugios),
fleece gloves 1.5oz(my hands are always cold!), and the big "splurge " on
this trip-I think I'll bring a gortex Northface light Gortex jacket which is
1and 1/2 lbs.(used 10 oz poncho on A.T. and for part of the hike a 2oz Hefty
Looked funny but it worked!  May bring 6 oz flipflops for another splurge.
Solitaire mag night 0.9oz
Gerber ultrlite knife 0.6oz
can opener 0.25oz
vitamins ?
camera and film 12oz
Cosmetic&contacts=6oz toothpast,smallsunscreen, insect-skin so soft,eyeglass
cleaner,lipbalm, smallsoap/shampoo allpurpose, mirror0.5,
Medical/repair=6oz  needle&thread(blister),duct tape(blister plus),eyeglass
screwdriver,tweezers,safety pins, scalpel blade, betadine ointment/wipes and
gauze 2X2 s, spare AAA battery, ear plugs,H2O filter 0.5, ciglighter(prob
Speedo towel cut to 6X8(similar to a chamois) 1.5oz
Pillow? usually use fleece jacket but may need to wear it   7.5oz "splurge"
Airmail paper pad for journal and pen  4 oz
Soda bottle for water(much lighter than nalgene and replacable)  about 1 oz
Guide books-not finalized, but ripping out all unnecesary pages -These are

I wear nylon pant, nylon long sleeved buttoned shirt, sports bra that can be
worn without a shirt, and all terrain running shoes (adidas). (Remember 1 lb
on your feet is equal to 6 lbs on your back!!)  I hiked the A.T. without
ankle support and it is one big rockpile-if you have strong ankles you do not
need ankle boots. This is not a wilderness hike!
That's it!!!Spartan but adequate. Remember you are not going into the
wilderness or the "third world"-you can buy anything you decide you wish you
had.  Better to be comfortable  while walking and save the wear and tear on
your bod. (I'm a medical doctor  so I  see these worn out joints from too
much abuse!)
Go Light!   Karen S.

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