[pct-l 22] Motor Vehicle Use Maps - a tool for PCT day hikers and trail maintainers

David Hough reading PCT-L pctl at oakapple.net
Fri Jun 4 14:22:36 PDT 2021

Ever notice how hard it is to get up to date information on Forest 
Service roads to get to remote PCT trailheads?

In preparation for finishing section R, I found this:


an index into all the USFA motor vehicle use maps for California.

You can download the pdf, and with some effort, print out the parts you
need.  The natural size of the one I needed is 6 square feet and you
probably don't have that big a printer, nor the Xray vision to read
the map if you shrink the whole thing to a regular page.    My acrobat
reader has a "Current view" option to just print the magnified part
you have currently visible.

Cheaper, more convenient, and more up to date than the usual printed 
Forest Visitor maps - but you better know where the PCT is because foot
trails aren't shown.    The halfmile maps will help you get through the
last mile to where you need to be.

The Semb book maps show just what you need to get to the trailheads they
mention, but they are over 20 years old now.

David Hough

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