[pct-l 15] info at homecredit.ph

David Hough reading PCT-L pctl at oakapple.net
Tue Jul 14 14:33:27 PDT 2020

Anybody know how this got subscribed to the list?

Date: Wed, 15 Jul 2020 05:26:57 +0800 (PHT)
From: info at homecredit.ph
To: David Hough reading PCT-L <pctl at oakapple.net>
Subject: Re: [pct-l] Marmot

This is an automated response.  We're currently working on a skeletal workf=
orce due to the Covid-19 pandemic and it may take us 4-5 days to respond to=
 your email.  We apologize for the delay.
Para sa account specific concerns, please make sure na naisulat ninyo sa em=
ail ang inyong Loan Account Number at Date of Birth, para mapabilis ang iny=
ong transaction.

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