[Numeric-interest] fdlibm support

David Hough 754R work 754r at ucbtest.org
Thu Sep 23 15:28:39 PDT 2010

Many of you know about the freely distributable math library that Sun
Microsystems made available around 1993.

In recent years, one or two genuine bug reports or enhancements each year 
have been reported to a mailing list fdlibm-comments AT sun.com, 
sometimes lost in a blizzard
of spam, as with most public email addresses that are that old.
That address will cease to function sometime in the next year and will not
be replaced at Oracle, which has no business interest in maintaining or 
supporting fdlibm.

Support and maintenance from the community of persons interested in fdlibm
can take place on the mailing list numeric-interest AT ucbtest.org.
That address also gets far more spam than relevant postings, but I'm the
only one that sees that spam.

David Hough

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